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Adjusting to your new denture 

A new denture requires an adjustment period weather this is your first denture or just a new denture.

You need to learn how to eat, speak, and keep your lower denture in place. This will take time.
It is recommended that you don’t leave the dental clinic and plan on a steak dinner. Start with softer foods, taking small bites, and progress to foods that are more difficult to eat. It may also take a little time to learn to speak clearly with your new denture this also requires patience and practice.
It is perfectly normal to have sore spots develop a few days after the insertion of your new dentures these will require adjustment and normally only require a quick visit to the clinic.

It is also important to clean your denture thoroughly once a day to prevent bad breath and the onset of infections.

Cleaning Your Denture
Your new dentures must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain healthy gums and to prevent bad breath. It is also important to clean any debris and food of them as this will eventually lead to a build up of tarter reducing the dentures lustre and natural appearance.
The best way to reduce risk of breakage when cleaning your denture is to half fill your wash basin with water as this will prevent impact if they are dropped you could also clean them over a folded towel.
Use warm soapy water with a soft brush, I would not recommend the use of denture cleaning tablets in solution all the time but once in a while  is a good idea to prevent bactera build up.
If you wish to maintain clean shiny dentures it is a good idea to drop them off at the clinic  once in a while and we can re-polish them while you wait.
At night
It is advisable to take your dentures out at night, this will allow your gums to recover and to breath. It will also allow the oral cavity to clean its self as you sleep.
Your dentures should not be allowed to dry out as this can cause dimensional changes. They should be placed in water to soak overnight.
If however you would prefer not to leave them out at night you should clean them thoroughly on the fitting surface as well as the polished areas and try to leave them out for an hour or so before bed.