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What can I expect/ How long will it take ?

Appointment 1

  • Take medical history
  • Check oral health
  • Discuss old dentures
  • Talk about new dentures, hopes, fears, expectations, options and costs.
  • Take primary impressions.
  • Take preliminary bite recording.

Appointment 2

  • Take accurate working impressions.
  • Record bite using ether wax rims or specialist intra-oral device.
  • Decide which shade/colour teeth to use.
  • Discuss which type of tooth arrangement  is required ie regular/straight or  irregular.

Appointment 3

  • Try in  wax dentures for fit, shape, shade , tooth position and overall appearance.
  • If necessary move teeth to satisfy any aesthetic requirements.

Appointment 4

  • Fit new Dentures.
  • Make any minor adjustments to dentures if needed.
  • Talk about aftercare to help maintain healthy gums and to prolong the life of your new dentures.

The above is a typical course of treatment and can vary, It will normally take 4 weeks from start to finish. We can however reduce these times if circumstances dictate. It is possible to make dentures in 48 hours but due to the specialist nature of the request a surcharge must be made.