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Denture Relines


There are two different types of denture reline commonly available, hard relines and soft relines. Each has their own merits.

Hard relines

Hard relines are the first choice when refurbishing a poorly fitting denture, this may be due to poor retention causing speech problems or the denture may be breaking due to lack of support.
These can be performed in the denture clinic while you wait, although laboratory processed relines are considered far more permanent , the latter has the disadvantage of having to be taken from the patient for a short period of time.
Both types of hard reline can extend the life of your denture.

Soft relines

Soft relines as with their hard counterparts can be either performed in the clinic while you wait or in the laboratory
These types of reline can be helpful if a patient has sharp bony ridges which can create comfort issues with conventional dentures. They do however have a shorter lifespan than hard relines and  are harder to keep clean.

Reasons for a denture reline

  • Better fit, a relined denture “stays in better”
  • A better fitting denture helps the dental ridges stay healthy
  • Helps the denture last longer
  • Helps with proper nutrition and health