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Implant Retained Dentures

Over the last two decades the use of dental implants has become a very popular choice when replacing missing natural teeth. It can be a very successful way of anchoring dentures.

Most people find the denture which gives them the greatest trouble when eating and talking is the lower, by fitting just two implants a great deal of improvement can be achieved. The upper denture is normally held in place by suction and if it is a good fit should be quite stable, however this also could be improved dramatically by fitting implants.

It is estimated that up to 90% of chewing ability can be restored with implants.

Not all patients are suitable for implant placement and a great deal of care must be taken at the assessment stage of treatment.

Implants do add to the cost of your treatment.

Placement of implants is a surgical procedure.

At Ilkley Denture Clinic we work closely with an experienced oral surgeon and can arrange the full course of treatment, or we are happy to make new dentures to fit your existing implants[subject to suitability]

It is also sometimes possible to convert your existing denture, however this sometimes could be a false economy.

Implant surgeon Dr. Martin Harris