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Repairs To Dentures

If a denture breaks it is normally for a good reason.

The most common problem is poor fit. As a patient gets older their mouth changes shape this means that what was once a good fitting denture has now become loose and has lost the vital support of the underlying gum tissue, this causes the denture to flex until it finally breaks.

Another reason for a denture repair is if the denture had been dropped onto a hard surface, although modern denture materials are strong they do not cope well with high impacts.
It is advisable when cleaning your denture to half fill the sink with water so that if you drop it the water will stop the impact with the hard surface. Another idea is to clean them over a folded towel.

It is normally a straight forward process to repair a denture and can often be done while you wait, however if the denture has broken more than once it would be a good idea to have the fit checked  as repeatedly repairing a poorly fitting denture is a false economy.