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Why use a Qualified CDT ?

A Qualified General Dental Council Registered CDT is generally able to offer a higher level of Denture  service than that to which the public has become accustomed. It should be stressed that patients should only be treated by qualified Clinical Dental Technicians who are on the General Dental Council Register as CDT’s not just as dental technicians.

 CDT’s have not only been trained to construct dentures, they have been trained to spot any abnormality which may be present in the oral environment be it an infection or something more serious.

CDT’s are trained specifically to provide dentures and only dentures.

Most CDT’s have been working as dental technicians for some time this means they have many years of experience in the production of dentures.

Most CDT’s will take total responsibility for the production of the appliance from start to finish thus eliminating communication problems during the manufacturing process.

CDT’S usually see patients at or close to their laboratory this means quick and efficient turnaround of work, often some tasks can be performed the same day or even while you wait.

Although CDT’s may not always be the cheapest option available they normally will offer the patient the best value.

CDT’s are often referred to as Denturists offering Direct Dentures to the public.

Is your CDT qualified  ?   Find out!  visit the General Dental Council Web site.    www.gdc-uk.org